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About Myself – I was born in the city of York, and moved to the Lake District when I was eight, spending my formative childhood years in one of the most beautiful places in the world. It’s still my heart’s home.
As a child I grew up loving books, especially those with well-used words, as well as delighting in the natural world. These are now two of the most important aspects of who I am, along with a love for music, good food and company, a lively curiosity and a sense of humour.
I’ve lived and worked in many places around England as well as in Tanzania. I’ve been a Library Assistant, a Primary teacher, a Cub Scout LeaderParish Worker (Cof E), a novice Franciscan Sister, and finally a self-employed Home Tutor. But now I’ve settled back in Cumbria, in the Georgian port town of Whitehaven, and am very happy to be almost within sight and sound of ‘home.’

In addition you can find stories connected with the Myldoran novels on the Myldoran Tales page; independent stories on the Stories pages; prose pieces on Descriptive Prose , and some prose inspired by photographs on Picture Inspirations;  last, but definitely not least, there are many poems, some of them in Elvish, on the Poetry pages.

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