My Heart Is Torn

Endanya Ná Narcaina                              My Heart Is Torn Endanya ná narcaina, nás ascátina            My heart is torn, it is broken asunder aicë saccatala carcainen mérinyo.              by [the] sharp, rending teeth of my desires. Vanwa ná tienya imbë melmenya atta;       Lost is my … Continue reading

The Lights Of Faerie

The dawn that lights again a new day’s hope,
Bright rays of sunlight cutting through the gloom,
A rosy sunset comforting the heart,
Or moonlight laying down its silver bloom;

The glory of a billion stars that shine
Amid the swirling clouds of fiery dust,
The galaxies that dance their slow pavane,
A dying star’s last life-creating burst;

The candle that says grace over a meal,
Soft lights that glow through curtains down the street,
The leaping golden flames upon the hearth,
The light of love in eyes that fondly meet;

These are the lights of Faerie to my eyes,
Not twinkling gems or pots of cold, hard gold.
No magic from a wand could warm my heart
Like these, surrounding us from days of old.