The world around us struggles still
To find a way to harmony.
So many of us try to fill
The emptiness in lives and hearts
With food, possessions, endless fun,
With music loud and laughter shrill.
We hunger for we know not what,
And discontent’s so hard to kill.
. . . Still none of it can warm the cold
. . . Within an empty, troubled soul.

None are immune, all have to pay
The price demanded by our greed.
We ask ourselves from day to day,
‘What hunger calls from deep within?’
All history and nature plead
For comfort, hope and love to stay,
‘Oh, learn to walk a better path
And find new strength to fight the fray.
. . . Around your hearts true Love enfold
. . . And know it for a safe stronghold.’

River & Flowers Walk 237a

Beauty’s a path we’re often shown,
It shifts our gaze to other selves.
We cannot grumble, curse or moan
When light and glory fill our sight.
Sweet music wakes us from our sleep,
And bright fresh colours, line and tone
Can bring such gladness to our days,
They quench the raging thirst we own.
. . . These riches are worth more than gold,
. . . Their Peace sinks deep within the soul.

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