Lichfield 030
Doors open –
And the cavernous cathedral
Fills with a confusion of voices.
High above, the trebles’ soaring passion,
Punctuated by the calling of bells,
Runs along the lofty vaulting.

Clergy conversations,
Hiding in doorways,
And lingering in corners,
Make their monotone ostinato.
While desperate prayers mutter in the depths
A muted bass to the
Interlacing fugue of echoes.

Lichfield 036

Lichfield 037Shrill, chattering visitors
Break the calm of contemplation;
But, almost beyond hearing,
A softly sounding, wordless music
Touches the troubled souls
Who enter this sacred space
Seeking a peace beyond their understanding.

This was the first piece I wrote
on a set titleĀ after joining the Whitehaven Writers in Feb 2009

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