Sweet Music

Sweet music calms the troubled breast,
or so our William told us,
but it can do a great deal more
when fears come to enfold us;
make us dance,
lift us up,
drive out the grief that holds us.

Tchaikovsky makes us want to dance
as lightly as a feather,
to prance and leap across the land
regardless of the weather;
pointed toes,
graceful arms,
turning, spinning altogether.

The Grimethorpe Colliery band
can fill young hearts with boldness,
their stirring and inspiring march
will give brave lives new focus;
On your feet!
Lift your heads!
and try to look ferocious!

Sebastian reaches deeper still
with Masses deeply moving,
his intricately woven themes
touch hearts that may be grieving;
voices soar,
cellos sing,
and soon all heaven’s rejoicing!

Bright Mozart’s music’s full of fun
his arias delightful,
his complicated characters
have arguments so tuneful;
in and out,
up and down,
until the end is joyful.

Then there’s the rhythmic beat of jazz,
Gilbert and his Sullivan,
there’s Beethoven, Schubert and Brahms,
Cole Porter, Kern, the Gershwins;
so much choice,
I’ve no hope
my favourite to determine.

Just give me music grand or sweet,
I want no heavy thumping,
no endless beats of mega bass
to set my taut nerves jumping;
make it light,
or make it sad,
sweet music’s tunes will keep me glad.

For those interested, the metrical scheme is taken from the hymn ‘All My Hope on God is Founded’

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