The Home Pharmacy

I really want to stay alive
So I’ve bought half the chemist’s shop:
There are pills to keep me going
And pills to make me stop.

I have ointments to burn my face,
And creams to make it smooth,
Sunblock for deadly UV rays
And Bio-oil to soothe.

The plasters are all sensitive
or else I get a rash,
And there’s my favourite Germolene
For when I fall down smash.

I’ve things to suck when sore throats strike
And drops to help me breathe;
I can put them on my pillow
Or even on my sleeve.

There are two large dark brown bottles
For different kinds of cough;
I always buy the tasty ones
The ones I like to quaff.

I’ve vitamins and minerals
Designed for over 60s;
Capsules for stiff and crunchy joints,
Flax seed oil for wrinklies.

Oh, . . what about the medicines?
Well, yes I’ve got those too:
Pills which keep the ticker ticking
And turn me black and blue!

Yes, perhaps I’ve got too much,
There’s lots without a doubt;
But what the heck they do their job –
I can still go walkabout!

This was a homework piece with the original title of  ‘Two Brown Bottles’


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  1. Love this sue The home pharmacy . Looking forward to the rest a lot of good reading here for a rainy day . X

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