‘Donkey! Donkey! Donkey!’
They shout it down the street,
‘Donkey!’ is their name for me
Whene’er we chance to meet.

 But I’m no foolish donkey,
Which cannot change its mind,
I’m quite clear in what I see
I understand mankind.

Not easily persuaded,
I know what I believe.
My ideals are not faded,
My heart’s not on my sleeve.

I’ll even change my outlook
When reason tells me to.
And should I have been ‘mistook’
I’ll always think it through.

‘Strong-minded’, that is what I am,
Not havering to and fro.
Not caught up by scam or spam
I say, ‘Now this is so!’

You may be really ‘stubborn’,
Your prejudices set;
Impervious to discussion
You’ve never wavered yet.

And I have a name for Jim,
Unmoving in his ways;
It’s ‘obstinate’ I’ll call him
To the very end of days.

And as for that lot over there,
To reason deaf and blind;
I dare to swear ‘pig-headed’
Are their unyielding minds.

So you can’t call me ‘Donkey!’
I’m steady, wise and firm.
And if you come too near me
My kick may make you squirm!

This poem is based on the irregular English adjective:

I am strong-minded,
You are stubborn,
He / she is obstinate,
They are pig-headed

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