My Heart Is Torn

Endanya Ná Narcaina                              My Heart Is Torn

Endanya ná narcaina, nás ascátina            My heart is torn, it is broken asunder
aicë saccatala carcainen mérinyo.              by [the] sharp, rending teeth of my desires.

Vanwa ná tienya imbë melmenya atta;       Lost is my way between my two loves;
sanwenyar peryainë *mílienyanen séren.   my thoughts divided by my longing for
                                      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ambo Amroth                                                Dol Amroth

Lienya marir arin Eärë,                                My people live beside the Great Sea,
tassë minya cenen *cal’aurëo                     where first I saw [the] light of day
minassello Cunduva ollossën.                    from [the] Prince’s cliff-top citadel.

Amaurëassë ilaurëa                                   In the dawn of every day
hlarnen i hautalórë                                     I heard the ceaseless
miuli i maiwion.                                           mewing of the gulls.

Ilya *nútalessë Anaro                                 At every setting of the Sun
falmari laiquaninwë                                    blue-green waves
falastaner hrestassë.                                 foamed on the shore.

Lómessë, silir eleni ar                                At night, shone [the] stars and
Isil. Vendi liltaner,                                       Moon. Maidens danced,
*aslámar lírilmaron.                                    to the echoes of our songs.

*Eär-ristanen ondomindor                          Sea-cut rock towers,
sinten tás; *ëaronnar                                  I knew there; sea creatures
nú’rondossen tuvanen;                               in deep caves I found;

Aldar tárë ollo lancassë,                             Trees on [the] high cliff’s edge,
nauc’ orni termarala,                                   twisted gorses standing fast,
luhtaner epë súri;                                       bowed before [the] winds;

Vanyë tyelpi hísi, fantala                           Beautiful silver mists, veiling
falastala falmari;                                        [the] foaming waves;
ilyar farner fëanya!                                    all satisfied my spirit!

Erdenya né quantaina i túrenen Eäreva;   My whole being was filled with [the]power of the Great Sea;
i rávëa súri; ar ammelda *márnórenyava.  the roaring winds; and my most beloved homeland.

Endanya né quanta melmenyo                   My heart was full of my love
ammelin *márinya ar liëva;                         for my dearest home and people;
Endanya né quanta lienyo melmë ninwa.   My heart was full of my people’s love for me.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

     *Isil-Nórë                                                Ithilien

Lúmessë Tuileva *hótúlen                          In a time of Spring I came away
marien Vanya *Isil-Nóressë;                      to live in Fair Ithilien;
nessima vendë Máressë Cundo.              a youthful maiden in the Prince’s House.

Amaurëassë ilaurëa                                  In the dawn of each day
líri lirulinion                                                larks’ songs
lantar or ambor ar nan.                             fall o’er hill and vale.

Ilya *nútalessë Anaro                                At every setting of the Sun
iluquinga mirilya                                        a rainbow glitters
or neni Henneth Annûn.                            over waters [of] Henneth Annûn.

Lómessë silir eleni ar                                At night shine [the] stars and
Isil. Eldali liltar,                                          Moon. Elves dance,
*aslámar líreltaron.                                    with [the] echoes of their songs.

Aiquë pendi pantar epë ní;                       Steep slopes open before me;
aldaiva nal’ apantar                                  tree-grown-dales reveal
lohtala paliseltar;                                      their flowering lawns;

I laucë, lissi víli hlussar                            The warm, sweet breezes whisper
salqui, olassiëssen,                                  in grasses, in foliage,
ter lavaraldo lossi;                                    through laburnum blossom;

Celumi taltar i nandennar;                       Streams slip down to the water meadows;
lintë nelli nendillon                                   swift brooks from pools
sirir; ceutar órenya.                                  flow; [they] refresh my heart.

Erdenya ná quantaina i tindenen i Aurëva, My whole being is filled with the glint of the Sunlight,
Isilmë ar cala Eleniva Alta-Síressë.     Moonlight and starlight on [the] Great River.

Endanya ná quanta melmenyo               My heart is full of my love
melin sinomë ar liëva;                             for this dear place and people;
Endanya ná quanta liëo melmë ninwa.   My heart is full of [the] people’s love for me.
                                       ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

           I Cilmë                                                   The Choice

Lintavë sirala loar avánier,                   Swiftly flowing [the] years have passed,
ar sí lúmë ambarinyo utúlië.                 and now [the] time of my doom has come.

I cilmë niswa maquetaltë *nillo,            A woman’s choice they ask from me,
ar ualtë polir hanya naicenya.              and they cannot understand my pain.

Ambollo Amroth, ar Isil-Nórello           From Dol Amroth, and from Ithilien
quettareltar tulir vilala ninna:               their words come flying to me:

“Melimmetyë ar istammë melityë mé.  “We love you, and we know [that] you love us.
Melimmetyë ar merimmetyë sís asmë!”  We love you and we want you here with us!”

Manen istan nyarë tien ilya melmenyo?  How can I tell them of all my love?
Manen istan nyarë tien ilya naicenyo?   How can I tell them of all my pain?

Qui nanwenuvan márinyanna                If I return to my home
harnan núravë Isil-Nórë.                         I deeply wound Ithilien.

Himyala minë melda nómë,                  Cleaving to one beloved place,
hehtan exar nainala málor.                   I hurt other lamenting friends.

*Hautalóravë, sacan mí ‘mni;                Ceaselessly, I search [with]in myself;
Cestan cala calien tienya.                     I seek for [a] light to illumine my way.

Nauvan i nattirna ilyarinen                    I will be one despised by all,
rucin namarillon i lantuvar!                   I dread [the] judgements which will fall!

Rucenyar, merenyar, ar melmelta         My fears, my desires, and their love
harnaren ar racar fëanya,                      wound me and break my spirit.

*Lá ëa quen i asyuva ní,                       There is no one who will comfort me,
nanyë haiya ilya sérello.                        I am far from all peace.

*Tyelimavë nai nauvan lerya;                May I finally be freed;
hiruvan imni *apsenena.                       and find myself forgiven.

Lemyala, lendala, uan polë lelya;         Tarrying, lingering, I cannot leave;
mínan *mirimavë, milyanyë *lehtanya.  I long to go freely, I long for my freedom.

Órenya ná narcaina, nás ascátina        My heart is torn, it is broken asunder
aicë saccatala carcainen mérinyo. by [the] sharp, rending teeth of my desires.

A poem of a fictional Tuilindë of Dol Amroth of the early Fourth Age, written by me, Susan Frances Edwards ~ Tuilindë of the Tolkien Society’s Elostirion Smial, and previously published in the Bulletin ‘Amon Hen’. Any errors in the Quenya are entirely my own.



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