‘Beyond’ – Parallel Myldoran Worlds

The Myldorangi on what we shall refer to as Home Myldora or the Home World were introduced to the theories of parallel universes and worlds on other planes by the Zutli (see Ch 7 of The Great Gifts). In the following ages they were able, by Turning, to go out and discover parallel Myldoras for themselves. These are the worlds discovered at the point when Bruathimo begins his Telling in The Great Gifts:
First Myldora ~ Hunters’ Myldora. Found by Ferentolimo, this is inhabited on the Southern Continent by hunter-gatherers living much in the style of the American Plains Nations. The other two continents seem to be empty of human life. The Myldorangi of the Home World occasionally visit the empty lands for recreation and for some of its unusual food resources.

Second Myldora ~ Dead Myldora. A world under permanent ban! Found by Ferentolimo, this world has an atmosphere which is not breathable by the Myldorangi of the Home World. Nothing is known of it other than this fact. Great Master Ferentolimo barely escaped from it with his life.
Third Myldora ~ Forest Myldora. Found by Ferentolimo,this world is almost entirely covered by thick forests of different kinds, although there are Myldorangi living on the coastal fringes of the Western Continent and on Straneth’s Land. Timber is cut in a carefully managed way and Turned for use on Home Myldora. Seeds of new trees have also been brought back and cultivated, expanding the range of available timber and fruits on the Home World.
Fourth Myldora ~ Warring Myldora. A world under a partial ban! Found by Ferentolimo, this world is inhabited by Myldorangi, but their many Nations and Houses continually war with each other for possession of their lands and resources. Those who followed Great Master Ferentolimo there were able to learn quite a lot about the different societies and cultures of these nations. They did not make themselves known as off-worlders. The inhabitants of this world did not evolve with any of the Great Gifts. Certain carefully selected Myldorangi are permitted to visit secretly from time to time to keep track of its situation.

Fifth Myldora ~ The Refuge. Found by Ferentolimo, this world is rich and plenteously supplied but had no human inhabitants. Myldorangi from the Home World came and set up various settlements there for use in national or worldwide crises, and the world is now a refuge for the Myldorangi of Home Myldora.
Sixth Myldora ~ Slave Myldora. A world under a permanent ban! Found by Ferentolimo, this world is a crowded, urban world with little natural land left on it. It has been taken over by a race of off-worlders who have made the native Myldorangi their slaves and labour force. In consideration of the dangerous uses made of the master-race’s high-technology, and their attitude to the Myldorangi, after four secret visits this world was put under a ban.
Seventh Myldora ~ Desert Myldora. Found by Akedinutro, this world is empty of human life, being almost entirely without water. However there are a large number of minerals and ores to be found here and so appropriately equipped groups are Turned here from time to time to mine its resources for the Home World.
Eighth Myldora ~ Warothia Found by Akedinutro, this world was originally empty but had been colonised by a race calling themselves the Warothi, who arrived from a nearby star system in their galaxy. Although their home world had developed into an industrialised society with the facility of space flight, this Nation wanted to keep to a more simple way of life, and were assisted in their desire to leave and form a new colony. When Akedinutro discovered Warothia he visited it many times, eventually making himself known to the Warothi, and good relations were developed between them and the Myldorangi.

Ninth Myldora ~ Burning Myldora. A restricted world!Found by Akedinutro, this world is either in the very early stages of its development, or has recently suffered from a planetary collision, since its landmasses are almost entirely covered with active volcanoes. It is therefore restricted to the specialist Senior Masters of Geology who visit it about every fifty Changes to record its condition, and bring back samples of the lava flows, bombs and ash deposits to study. Once any life forms are found to have evolved then other Masters will be permitted to study its evolution.
Tenth Myldora ~ Destroyed Myldora. A world under a complete and permanent ban!Found by Akedinutro, this whole world is a contaminated cinder – destroyed by atomic weapons in some inter-planetary war. It is not understood how Akedinutro was able to Turn there, but having done so he  was poisoned by the radioactive fall-out there, barely made it home, and died of radiation sickness, along with Great Master Lafrontolimo of the Healers’ Guild, who chose to care for him on an off-shore island, itself now banned.
Eleventh Myldora ~ Frar. Found by Grisinerenu, this world is inhabited by the Frari who are similar to the Myldorangi of the Home World. Their life-style and beliefs are similar, except that they have no Great Gifts, and have developed a writing system with which to record their histories. Good and open relations were swiftly established, including an invitation to visit Myldora, but they have too much fear of Turning Beyond, so it has not yet occurred.
Twelfth Myldora ~ Ice Myldora Found by Grisinerenu, this world was in the grip of an endless winter – or so it seemed to him. He found some artifacts and remains of buildings which showed there had once been life on this world, but there were no signs that anyone had survived the coming of the ice and snow.

Thirteenth Myldora ~ Empty Myldora. Found by Baroshalimo, this is a more recently discovered world and although empty of human life, is not as rich and fertile as The Refuge. It is being explored and assessed for its various resources which will be managed and harvested in such a way as to ensure their sustainability.

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