The Void of The Nameless Ones

As a corollary to the importance of names in their culture, The Void of The Nameless Ones is the source of the deepest fear in every Myldoran. However it isn’t the trapped Nameless Ones themselves who are feared, but the being Lost in the Void, where the sense of belonging, the stability and security which their family, House and Nation give them, is stripped away. Their overwhelming anguish and sense of loss would be unbearable for any living soul. Although feeling it beyond anything we could imagine, their loss is truly unutterable; they can’t even name it since within the Void there is no Remembering. They no longer know who they are and so they are totally isolated – a terrifying thought to any Myldoran.

Who is in the Void? The Nameless are those who’ve died suddenly or alone. They have died in situations where no one could bid them farewell and re-affirm their names as their last breath slipped from them. Those who are lost at sea would in general fall into the Void; the Masters who were killed in the earthquake would be in the Void; the souls of unnamed or stillborn infants and, if they die very suddenly, children who have not yet been given a True name will be in the Void. (If a Tiny or Childling is ill-to-death, parents are allowed give them a True name, so that it can be affirmed at the point of death.)

The eighth day of each Round-of-Days is Remembrance-of-Names Day, and every family begins the day by re-affirming the names of family members who have died or been Lost during the last Long Change, whether named or unnamed. In addition, the names of those who were Lost without affirmation are pronounced on this day within their Guild, and twice each year they are Named publicly by the members of their family and their local community at a special Gathering.

This ceremony which includes the honouring of the families of the Lost by the Nation is most important. Not only does the House and Nation re-affirm the unity of those families, but they believe that if this is done faithfully for a Long-Change, then the Nameless Ones will be drawn out of the Void again with their identities re-affirmed, and they will be able to rejoin those who were Named by their loved ones at the moment of death.

Sadly, the stillborn and those under six who had not been able to receive a True name due to the suddenness of death cannot be ‘rescued’ by their Childling name for it is only borrowed, and that is an unending grief to the bereaved parents.

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