Water Lilies

Muncaster-Fell -072-copy

Down in the darkness
Strong roots dig deep,
Clasping the lake bed

Slippery with slime,
Fed by rich muds,
Tough stems grow swiftly
Out of the depths.

Forsaking the dark,
Reaching upwards,
A struggling tangle
Hungers for light.

The sun’s gentle touch
Unfolds curled leaves,
Preparing the way
For new glories

Muncaster-Fell -071-copyAs the precious buds
At last appear,
Sheathed in bright copper –
Tough protection.

Slowly they open;
Rose pink cradles
Revealing their hearts
Of white and gold.

Brilliant purity,                                      Is this life’s mystery
Blinding as snow,                                 Its wordless wonder?
Their golden glory                                From the darkest depths
Vibrant as the sun.                               Beauty and Light!



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