Ancient Entities Enduring Eternity

“Ancient Entities enduring eternity,”Grange to Seathwaite 117a
Mighty mountains, monumental hills;
Eminence exalted, overtopping insignificance.
Looming threateningly or smilingly benign.
Ancient man in awe of their vastness,
Ignorant of their immeasurable agonies,
Bowed down and called them eternal hills,
Offered their worship to wonders unchanging,
Untouched by the troubles of feeble humanity.

But volcanic forces forged our fells and mountains,
Violating their veins with furious fire;
Abusing them through unnumbered ages.
For longer than limited minds can imagine,
Time’s terrible tortures have torn and twisted them,
Battered and bullied with pains impenetrable.
Racked and wrenched them, rent and riven,
Heaved them on high, ground and pulverised them,
Drowned them deep, submerged in dreadful darkness,
Frozen and flattened them, while the frightful ice
Carved out their curves, polished their surfaces.

Earth’s fells and mountains, green downs and hills,
Should be honoured, those last ruined remnants
Of cloud piercing crests, crags and crowns,
Of sky-scraping saddle, spur and scar.
Delight in their dignity; they deserve our honour,
Those “Ancient Entities, who have endured eternity.”

From ‘Beauty, Light and Music; Poetry and Prose’

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