New Zealand – The Most Beautiful

Paua Shell 02How can so much beauty be found
in this small, bright circle of blue and green?Remembering the place in which it came to be,
I see again these vivid hues and shades;
they swirled and mingled just like this
from deep and purest blue to emerald green,
where rich, cold waters swirled around the shores,
where mighty ocean currents ebbed and flowed,
and abilone are found beneath the waves.
The twisting lines and patterns on the shell,
re like valleys, ridges, heights and depths;
broad verdant plains, forest covered hills,
and blue-green ice melt in braided ribbons,
winding and wandering down to the sea.
Land of many islands, held in the lap of ocean,
Aotearoa, most beautiful New Zealand,
I wonder to see your essence captured here
In a small bright circle of paua shell.

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