Morning Light

Darkness fades2 BC Courtenay 026 - Copy
Before the dawn,
Night’s curtains part as
Moon and stars slip away.

Silver grey,
Pale rose and blue –
The day is revealed
To my wondering eyes.

The sea lies
Still and silent,
Soft as finest silk,
In the dawn’s quiet beauty.

Wavelets gleam
On the shore, their
Tender caresses
Smoothing the shining sand.

Gentle hills
Across the bay
Rise behind houses
Set among summer trees.

Distant peaks
Reach for the sky;
The morning’s backcloth
A snowcapped mountain range.

No bird stirs,
No breezes blow,
I stand here alone
Full of thanks – for the gift
Of beauty beyond understanding.

The poem was inspired by a photo taken on an early morning in May 2011, from Courtenay on Vancouver Island, looking across the estuary to the mainland and the Rocky Mountains.


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