My Bear

Not as a baby nor even a childChristmas Bear
Was I given a cuddly bear.

It’s true once in the nursery
I was given a wondrous doll,
But my care for her was cursory.
Long after that far Christmas morn
I feel no need to be forlorn –
She’s lost, and I don’t really care –
Because. . .I would have liked a bear!

Perhaps a doll is fun to dress,
But a bear is warm and comfy.
It never looks an awful mess,
Its fur is always soft and smooth;
Its body made to gently soothe,
As it accepts our joys and tears.
I’d really have preferred a bear!

My sister had a teddy bear –
A small brown bear – when she was one;
And soon for him she learned to care.
He wasn’t big, not tall or stout,
Button eyes gleamed on his snout,
She dearly loved her birthday bear.
Why did no-one give me a bear?

But as the years went flying by
She felt she couldn’t keep her bear
And put him by with a sad sigh,
Her worn, tired bear, now rather thin.
I seized my chance, adopted him,
And promised him I’d always care;
I felt such love for her old bear!

And so more years went passing by
As together we grew older.
We travelled far, the bear and I
To hot dry places, far away;
Till in a cot my nephew lay,
And needed his mum’s teddy bear.
Once more I didn’t have a bear!

When I moved on to a new road
And left that past behind me,
A rabbit came to ease the load.
Francesca’s soft and sleepy,
I loved her dearly, and when weepy
She gave me warmth and comfort rare.
But still I didn’t have a bear!

I’ve seen so many teddy bears
In shops and stalls around the place;
Some big enough to fill my chair,
Others looked to be too twee
To ever want to live with me,
And so I quickly left them there  –
Still searching for my precious bear!

And then one chilly winter day
I saw him standing on a stall,
A Christmas bear of white and grey!
Soft and round with friendly face,
Bearing gifts with generous grace,
He looked up with a loving smile –
A special bear in just my style!

I soon forgot all other bears,
And my long search both here and there;
This bear’s the one that’s right for me!
Forever we’ll be gladly living,
Always loving, always giving,
Thankful for the chance to share
The joy we’ve found – me and my bear!


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