Mutton Dressed As Lamb

Wandering round a market,
or strolling through the shops,
I look with care at what’s hung there
And wonder whether I should dare –
Would I be mutton dressed as lamb?

Those skirts are far too short,
My legs aren’t what they were!
I wore it then, when young and bolder
But not this time now I am older –
I won’t be mutton dressed as lamb!

I don’t want poly pleats
or slippy silky tops.
No, Granny-clothes I will not wear,
I promise you they’d make me swear –
This lamb won’t dress as mutton!

If I want to be smart
Tailored suits hang in rows,
With a wide choice of black or black!
All other colours they still lack.
Lamb or mutton, I don’t want black!

Oh for classy classics
Such as M & S once sold.
Smart and timeless, perfect, ageless,
I want clothing that is priceless –
Not designed for any age of SHEEP!

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