The People of Myldora and Their Gifts

Anyone dwelling on Myldora is called a Myldoran and their race The Myldorangi. They are tall and slender, the average height of a full grown man is six foot, and a woman is five foot ten. Their skin is dark, shading from mid-brown to a rich blue-black, and their features are aquiline. (think of an Ethiopian or the statues of the Pharaohs) Their hair is naturally straight, though it may have a slight wave, and is worn long, and like their skin may be any shade from mid-brown to black. Silver hair, a colour which goes back to their earliest days, is now a rarity.
 The Myldorangi are a naturally long-lived people, three hundred planetary years is average, and the Lore Masters of the Mind Libraries have been known to reach four hundred and fifty. Their children grow swiftly and by the time they are Younglings of seven are stronger and more able to master fine physical skills than children of Earth of the same age. They are also more thoughtful and mature than Terran children of their age. This maturity is partly innate but is developed by ten years of undivided adult attention.
Compared to all other known races in their Galaxy every Myldoran has a phenomenal ability to remember what they hear or see. But beyond that natural ability some Myldorangi possess one or more of four notable skills which are referred to as the Great Gifts.

There are those who have the Gift of The Remembering. They make up the Guild of the Mind Libraries, and between them Remember their entire history, as well as all the other information one would expect to find in any conventional library. The Guild also holds each Myldoran’s life memories, which are Received in a series of Tellings by a Master of the Libraries. Knowing their memories are held by the Guild assures the Myldorangi of their continuing place in their House, Nation and People. Certain Senior Masters may Receive Guarded Memories – which are not to be shared  without good reason. The Elders of a Guild, or its Guild Council, can request information from the Guarded Memories. Each Master is assigned to Receive and pass on information connected with the work of one of the other Guilds on Myldora, so there are specialists who can be called on to provide specific information at need.

 Though The Remembering is an important Great Gift, it hasn’t completely negated the need for writing. Poems, songs and music, may be written down by their composers, or by scribes of the Guild of Music, and important Guarded, or private messages are written down and sealed by the receiving Caller.

The second Great Gift is referred to as The Calling. It is the ability to tune the mind to that of another known Caller and telepathically communicate with them. Thus the Myldorangi are able to pass messages swiftly around their world by means of their network of Callers, at least one of whom will serve every village or cluster of hamlets. In towns and Guild Training Halls there will be a number of Junior Masters and Masters based at a Callers’ Centre, and messages are taken to their intended recipients by runners.

The third Great Gift is referred to as The Turning, and is possessed by only a very small proportion of the race. These Myldorangi have a mind-power by which they can move themselves and others from one place to another almost instantaneously. The Turning has become vital to the smooth running of their society and, once it had developed into travel between parallel worlds, it became the basis of the safety of their people.

The fourth and rarest Great Gift is Sensitivity. This is an innate ability to Sense what others are feeling. Although it was previously acknowledged as important, at the time The Great Gifts begins it is perceived as disreputable and in some quarters it is greatly feared and those who possess it suffer from strong prejudice. This fear and prejudice is particularly aimed at any Sensitive with silver hair. As a result of its rarity and the current attitudes towards Sensitivity, help and training has not been given to those who have it for many years. Without proper help and advice Sensitivity can be very difficult to live with, and even permanently damaging.


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