Chaos And Beauty

(The unique rocks of Anglesey’s Coast)

From far unknown beginnings
through windings, turnings, spinnings:
such wondrous shapes improbable.
Chaos & Beauty 01

With immense anticipation,
beyond all expectation:
formations unforeseeable.

From involuntary movements
of trivial tiny fragments:

bright mystery inexplicable.

Out of growth and change unending
strange processes and blending:
a beauty quite unguessable.

Given spots and splotches, stippling,
dramatic shadows’ dappling:
a pattern unpredictable.
Chaos & Beauty 04
In shell spirals iridescent,
crystal columns opalescent:
see swirling shades innumerable.
Chaos & Beauty 03

From chaos and activity
we find in rocks’ passivity:
these miracles immutable.

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