Draakoa In Danger – Synopsis

Bruathimo of Myldora has passed his Great Test, and survived the separation from his heartfriend Poelimo and his love Momure, which his Apprenticeship demanded. Now he is a Junior Master of The Turning they can be reunited and face the future together – and the destiny towards which he and Poeli, as Gifts of the Great Power  known as the Grace, are being drawn.
However, Bru, because he is a Junior Master of The Turning, must first go to their recently discovered sister world of Draakoa; a world in a parallel dimension to which the Grace guided them; a world on which two very different races, the Draakea and the Saauusoori, are waiting for a promised Servant of the Powers who will help them through an approaching time of danger. There Bru must be introduced to the Draakean High Ones and be ‘Judged’ by the Light.
Is he, the silver-haired Star Crowned, with his Great Gifts of The Turning and Sensitivity, the One of whom the prophecies have spoken? And if he is, will his companions Poeli, Keari and Mo, have a part to play which might help ensure the success of the task for which their people were brought here from Myldora?

As they discover that danger is indeed approaching Draakoa, they wonder if there will be time to prepare for the years of devastation which the prophecies have foretold. But even as they try to understand these prophecies, they are told the two races have a history of misunderstandings and conflicts; and nothing can be achieved unless those past wounds are healed by true reconciliation and mutual understanding. . . And that cannot happen until a way is found for the Draakea to understand the Saauusori, who only communicate by thought and wordless song.

Will the blessings of the Draake and the gifts of the Great Powers be enough to enable them to succeed? And how much will those blessings and gifts change those who receive them?
Meanwhile on their own world, how will the Myldorangi react to the changes which come to Bru, Poeli and their companions through the Great Powers? Will they be accepted or rejected? And will the people offer the help their Elders promised, or will they choose to ignore the call for help from Draakoa?

The race is on to reconcile the people of Draakoa, and help them prepare for the coming disaster.





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