Life’s Too Short

How brief our time on earth,
How frail our spirit’s shrine.
How short our mortal thread,
How delicate and fine;
And yet its strand is hard to break,
Though fear of death may make us quake.

My heart would know true love
And never let it go;
My mind desires to learn,
My spirit longs to grow.
Why can I not all space traverse
To see our glorious universe?

Why make so many things
Which I will never see?
That I must miss so much
Seems quite unfair to me.
I’ll never sail to every port
When my allotted time’s too short!

There are so many words
Which I have never used,
So many new ideas
On which I’ve never mused;
I need three hundred years or so
To think them over e’er I go.

But as the years go by
I feel time’s cruel hand
Touching me here and there,
Unweaving each fine strand;
As pains increase now, day by day,
There’s nothing I can do or say.

My eyes I’ll feast on beauty,
My ears on tuneful song;
I’ll not waste a moment
However short or long;
I’ll relish all there is in life
Until the fall of death’s sharp knife!

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