Treaddur to Rhosneigr 113a

A wave is not water
but the shape of a process.
Begotten of Creation,
descended from the Sun,
everlasting energy
loaned by the wind.


We are not just bodies
but the shape of a process.
Begotten of the cosmos,
descended from the stars,
everlasting energy
loaned to us by love.

Ripples, swells and breakers
obey immutable laws,
their pattern, shape and movement
delighting eyes, ears and mind,
till the curve and the breaking
make their ending glorious.

Babe, child and adult
obey immutable laws,
sense and understanding
delighting heart and mind,
till acceptance of mortalityDerwentwater 017
makes our ending glorious.

The wonder of a wave;
the splendour of the cosmos;
the mystery of our being;
the glory of creation;
rise up in love’s power
a crescendo of beauty
making a glorious end.

Inspired by a BBC4 documentary on the life of waves combining science and philosophy. It was written & presented by David Malone – to whom many thanks.

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