City Lights

Ruby, emerald, gold and sapphire,
silver-white or sulph’rous yellow;
glowing dimly, flashing brightly,
cities show off their brilliant lights.

Arrows, stop signs, one way only
red and green control the flow.
Buses, trains and cars in millions
bear us to the city lights.

Lurid advertising neon
draws us in to spend and fall
in the search for lasting pleasures –
false, sweet lure of city lights.

Fun, excitement, and new friendships
full of brilliance, light and warmth –
these are what we yearn and hope for
when we come to city lights.

All around us laughing faces,
arms entwined or hands clasped tight;
but they pass us by unseeing,
blinded by the city lights.
~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~
Sunshine glowing on a hilltop,
moonlight on the waves at night;
myriad twinkling stars of heaven
are more fair than city lights.

Alone with beauty joy can find me,
fill my heart and make me sing.
Loneliness among the crowds
is all I get from city lights.


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