One Of Those Days!

It was one of those days when things seemed determined to make life difficult. It wasn’t so much people, but inanimate objects which were conspiring against me. I’d decided, after days of procrastination to do some baking. I hadn’t done any baking for a couple of years, but I wanted to make some Westmorland Barmbrack (a tea bread ) from a recipe given me by friends in Appleby. It’s a favourite of mine and would suit very well since I needed to lose some weight, it can be made with very little sugar and is entirely fat free.
However, having assembled all the ingredients the evening before and set the fruit to soak in tea overnight, I then discovered my electric scales wouldn’t work. I tried taking the batteries out and putting them back again – nothing. I sighed, grabbed my purse and sallying forth bought new batteries in Wilkinsons. No luck, they made not the slightest difference, the scales refused to work at all. In the end I went across the road and borrowed some scales from a neighbour.
Then I pulled out the whisk to beat the eggs, but before I got to plugging it into the wall I couldn’t find the attachments!
‘I thought this job was only going to take twenty minutes,’ I muttered as, slowly and carefully, I got down on my knees, emptied out the cupboard and searched in vain for the missing pieces. My kitchen is small – compact and bijou is how one of my friends describes it – but the missing parts were not to be found in any of the four cupboards or the one drawer.
Cursing, I grabbed my purse again and went back to Wilko’s to buy a handwhisk. These tea loaves were not only taking far too much time, they were becoming exceedingly expensive! It was a good thing the shop was almost empty, because my mood was swiftly turning sour, and I was increasingly likely to turn on anyone who blocked my way or greeted me with a cheery ‘Good morning!’
‘Really,’ I thought, when I finally got the tins into the oven and went across the road to return the borrowed scales, ‘I was in such a good mood when I got up this morning. Those loaves had better come out well, or I’ll be properly angry!’

You’ll be glad to know the loaves were delicious, and I’ve continued to make them regularly since that day. However I’ve had to buy a new electric whisk – the missing attachments are probably under the bottom shelf of the cupboard from where they cannot be retrieved without ripping the entire cupboard out!
This piece of writing was originally an exercise with the given title ‘An Angry Mood’.


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