Love’s Embrace: A Christmas Sonnet

Love The Greatest Gift

Last Christmas I wrote this sonnet for friends, but I wasn’t well enough to post it. This year I was going to save it until we reached December. But in the face of recent world events I am posting it now.

This cold and darkest season of the year
When memories of life are hard to keep,
When vibrant growth becomes grim winter’s sleep
We long for light and stories of good cheer.
But our weary hearts are overcome by fear,
Vile prejudice and hate declare life cheap,
While needless cruel deaths bite sharp and deep,
And despairing grief sheds yet another tear.
Oh, look up now, see the beauty of the skies,
And in the colours of its vibrant glow,
Know we’re not alone, for in the strangest guise
Compassion comes to live with us below:
A newborn child, so vulnerable, yet full of grace,
A blessed child, can draw us into Love’s embrace.

Love The Greatest Gift


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