Something Forbidden

‘Welcome. My name is Gorith, and I’m the curator responsible for this wing of the Galactic Central Archives. I’m very pleased to see you. It’s not often anyone’s permitted to come and study here, so you’re extremely privileged. ‘Now, I’m sure you understand the rules. … Continue reading

The Crystal Forest . . . . part 5

From what the Crystal had intimated it was clear that the prisoners couldn’t all be released at once and setting them free would be a lengthy business, so Kira and Keari left to arrange extra supplies of food and water, and more warm … Continue reading

The Crystal Forest . . . . part 4

Poeli glanced towards the lagoon. ‘I saw you with him.’ He thought to Bru. ‘How is he?’ Bru took a deep breath and let it out slowly. ‘He knows we’re here. I’ve told him the crystal isn’t going to kill him, and … Continue reading