The Bringers Of Gifts. . . . from Great Gifts Ch 7

Countless stories, lays and histories are told throughout the life of any Myldoran, and we were expected to learn many new tales while we were at the Place of Learning. This wouldn’t be the intimate storytelling we’d known at home; … Continue reading

Younglings In Trouble. . . .from Great Gifts Ch 6

(These Myldoran Younglings are seven yrs old – but in maturity more like our tens or elevens) By the end of the first Round-of-Days friendships had begun to form. Five Younglings made close friendships with Poelimo and me. We were … Continue reading

The Tale Of Fulure. . . .from Great Gifts Ch 2

One day towards the end of [our] Fourth Change Master Liathimo arranged a Family Day in the Gathering Hall for the children of our hamlet. Together with other Masters and Mistresses we had enormous fun showing off the Games we’d learned, … Continue reading